Program Delivery

Do you need help to secure funding or deliver programs?

Our business consultants are experienced in the delivery of government programs, having worked with all levels of government in the development and delivery of projects across the Gippsland region.

We understand the importance of delivering on time, on budget, and within scope. In addition, it is critical that projects are well managed, transparently delivered, and have the right people on board to reflect the professional reputation of your organisation appropriately.

Our team is highly skilled at delivering a range of government programs, from developing and implementing strategic plans to large infrastructure projects involving many and varied stakeholders.

Initium Advisory handle all aspects of government program delivery including:

  • Preparation of funding agreement applications, addressing key criteria for to secure funding
  • Engaging with government to secure appropriate grant agreements
  • Establishment of Project Steering Committees and Control Groups and regular attendance and feedback at meetings
  • Engagement with relevant stakeholders to deliver the project
  • Monitoring of key milestones to ensure project is being delivered on time, on budget and within scope.
  • Acquittal of funding agreements, including preparation and provision of documentation to evidence delivery of the program.
  • Attending to monitoring and review of outcomes on the project